Клемма с оптопарой (859-796)

Клемма с оптопарой (859-796), код 859-796, производитель WAGO
  • Артикул: 859-796
  • Производитель: WAGO
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  • Дополнительные артикулы: 809363
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Total number of connection points5
Connection technology (1)CAGE CLAMP®
Solid sizes 1AWG
Strip length 15 … 6 mm / 0.2 … 0.24 in
Cross section up to (1) [AWG]14
Type of wiringFront-entry wiring
Fire load [MJ]0.493
Weight [g]18.6
Width [mm]6
Width [in]0.236
Height [mm]56
Altitude [in]2.205
Length [mm]91
Length [in]3.583
Type of mountingDIN 35 rail
Nominal input voltage (VN)24 V DC
Max. continuous current100 mA
Ambient operating temperature-40 °C … +40 °C (-40 °C … +70 °C at 50 mA)
Storage temperature-40 °C ... +70 °C
Max. switching frequency10 kHz
Input current range3.8 mA ... 12.5 mA DC
Output nominal voltage24 V DC
Output voltage range3 V ... 30 V DC
Leakage current at nominal voltage25µA
Max. voltage drop at output1 V
Reverse voltage transistor/triac [V]65
Dielectric strength, control/load circuit (AC, 1 min) [kV 2.5  kVrms2.5
Input voltage range (high level)18 ... 30 VDC
Nominal input current (IN) [mA]9.2
Standards/SpecificationsEN 60664-1; EN 61810-5; UL 508; EEx nA II T4
Processing temperature-25 °C … +70 °C
Input voltage range (low level)0 ... 5 VDC
Pull-in time (µs) [µs]10
Drop-out time (µs) [µs]50
Max. continuous current (70°C) [mA]50
Длина, мм91
Ширина, мм6
Высота, мм56
Сечение жилы, мм20.08-2.5

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