Реле штекерное 240В (858-151)

Реле штекерное 240В, код 858-151, производитель WAGO
  • Артикул: 858-151
  • Производитель: WAGO
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  • Дополнительные артикулы: 858-151; 9264847
Старая цена: 370,37 руб
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339,79 руб
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по согласованию
Pollution degree (1)2
Rated voltage EN (1) [V]250
Rated surge voltage (1) [kV]2
Solid sizes 1AWG
Weight [g]35.6
Width [mm]21.5
Width [in]0.846
Height [mm]35
Altitude [in]1.378
Length [mm]28
Length [in]1.102
Contact materialAgCe
Pull-in time (typ.) [ms]25
Mechanical life20 x 106 switching operations
Drop-out time (typ.) [ms]25
Nominal input current IN8.3 mA
Max. switching voltage250 V AC
Max. switching power (resistive)1250 VA AC
Bounce time (typ) [ms]4
Dielectric strength, contact-coil (AC, 1 min) [kVrms1.5
Nominal input voltage (VN)230 VAC
Max. continuous current5 A
Ambient operating temperature at VN-25 °C ... +70 °C
Input voltage rangeVN -20 % ... +10 %
Storage temperature-40 °C ... +70 °C
Electrical life1 x 105 switching operations
Recommended minimum load100 mA / 12 V AC/DC
Dielectric strength open contact (AC, 1 min) [kVrms1
Degree of protectionRTII
Rated power1.2 VA
Holding voltage80 % of VN
Release voltage0.3 x V
Switching power (max.) AC1 / AC151250VA / 300VA
1-phase motor load AC3 [kW]0.12
Напряжение, В220
Длина, мм28
Ширина, мм21.5
Высота, мм35